May. 22nd, 2009

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So this goes out to everyone going to the Empires show tomorrow, but I can't make it. Work needs me to come in and fill in for a while as waitstaff, so have fun for me!

Just tell Tom and co that I wish I could be there, and I say hi.

Also, if anyone wanted to do a concert call, I would be totally up for that. Just letting you all know, hint hint.
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So I just bought two pairs of skinny hipster douche jeans since I no longer care that I'm too fat to pull them off.

But whatever.

Ya'll should go join those GQ Motherfuckers over at [ profile] ontd_startrek, cause it's now my new favorite comm. Our mood theme is ZQuinto's eyebrows.

And I'm obsessing over Pete and Patrick, especially in the early days.

IDK, I have no idea what this post is about. I'm just really rambling.

And I now can't wait for August, cause [ profile] blindingsight and I are going to go to the Blink concerts in Chicago and Milwaukee. Even though I have never listened to any more Blink then What's My Age Again and All the Small Things.

And them my dad and I might go to Vegas too. Or Rollercoaster road trip.
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Actually, I'm kinda dead serious about starting an all girl FOB cover band.

Like I'm even willing to learn how to play shitty bass. I don't remember if I can still read music like I was able to in HS when I was a band geek galore, but I can probably muddle through.


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