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Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Fall Out Boy
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UNF, Patrick. Dear god, every time I think he's reached the peak of sexy he just goes and one-ups it. Too fucking hot to handle.
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Awww, the Pete, Ashlee, and BMW pics from Disneyland are adorable.

Also, chef school is awesome. There is nothing like butchering a bloody, 80 pound chunk of round with a foot and a half long knife to make you feel great. My knife skills, let me show you them. Although polenta is disgusting.
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Wow, Pete's new haircut is...kinda...idk. It's weirding me out.
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I still want to start a hardcore Fall Out Boy cover band.
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ugh, the creepy janitor at work got fired, thank god. ALSO! COBRAS! i reaaly needed this weekend, especially with my grandma's funeral coming up. Claudia and Barbi are the best.
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Ugh, Ryan/Brendon makes me want to hurl.

Also, I have car insurance! Which means I just need to pay sales tax and get plates and I will have a car! Yay!
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So the Milwaukee Empires show was awesome. I'm loving the new songs. And I'm kind of in love with the Wisconsin crew right now.

And Ryan J was filming the audience for something, so I'd be watching youtube if I were you. And why in the world does that band feel the need to wear t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets while on stage? They're all insane. Also, Tom's iPod has AC/DC on it. We rocked out. You know, in between all the Radiohead.

And the skulls t-shirt has a screenprint of the group shot from the AP magazine on it. The one with the motorcycle. I didn't even notice that until this morning.
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It's probably a little early here, but I think it's the 30th in New Zealand, so happy birthday to Mandie, my oldest and dearest friend.
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Well played, Supernatural, well played. I am on my seat dying for the next episode. Thursday can't come soon enough.
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Ugh, the rain today flooded the MATC parking lot. 4 fucking feet of rain. Jesus, I'm just glad I got out of there when there was only a half foot.

Also, EMPIRES! This Saturday at the Loft, and next Tuesday at the Rave. I'm going, so hopefully I'll see some of you all there. And if I don't remember your name, please forgive me, I can barely remember mine half the time.

Also, goddamn, have I ever rediscovered my love for baby!Patrick and totally not crushing on a minor!Pete.

Also, go read [ profile] just_katarin's Hipster Wedding of the Century 2: The Stoner Gaymo Boogaloo. NOTE: this is the actual title. All you need to know is that Nick Scimeca plans Ryan and Jon's wedding. Just be warned, there is Kanye.
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Seeing Stargate Universe promos makes me rage. Bring back SGA fuckers.
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Goddamn, I'm reading Hey Monday fic and I'm starting to like it.

Somebody send help.
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The new Empires songs are amazing, the internet contingment is always awesome, and Sean dedicated Spit The Dark to me. And Nick Scimeca is always lurking. With fake scenester glasses.

Oh yeah, Ryan made De'Mar pack up his drums.

And Max smokes menthols (I bummed one), and doesn't know to take the safety off his bic.
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Is it bad that I already want Bandit Lee and Bronx Mowgli to start a band together?
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And just like that, I am back to the internet!

So, Empires show call! I am dying to see all of your lovely faces soon.
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Hey everyone, I will soon be back from the land of no internet in just a few days!

Spent a lovely day at the state fair with [ profile] exorcise, and totally bought a badass wolfshirt.

No, I'm actually serious. I'm wearing it to the Empires show on the 26th.

See you all later!


Aug. 4th, 2009 08:23 pm
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OMG! hurley shaved, spencer is the hotness, i like panic! better now, and this concert is the shit. sorry i can't make it to chicago guys.
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