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Okay, so I might have massive love for the band Powerspace. GO CHECK THEM OUT NOW, ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT IT TURNED UP TO 11!
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Oh Doctor Who and The West Wing, never stop being such awesome shows, okay? And never stop inspiring me with ideas of some of the most cracked out crossover fics ever, okay? OH, AND FIVE? STOP LOOKING LIKE MY DAD, OKAY! IT'S STILL FREAKING ME OUT!

Also, my entire left palm and wrist are covered in a very intricate henna design. It looks super cool, but keeps freaking me out, cause every time I turn my hand over, it's "Oh, holy shit! Wasn't expecting that!"

Taco's tomorrow! And probably watching the JoBros movie for the lulz. I think the oldest is my age? And they all have purity rings or some shit? Craaaaaaaaazy.

I can't wait for the fourth of July. Man, I am totally going to blow up some shit, just like every year. Although I really hope we don't set the house on fire like we almost did last year.

Did I just say shit three times in one post? Okay, four now.
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It's Friday the 13th guys. Are you superstitious?
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I made pie. Delicious Pie. With chocolate. It is not at all healthy but I don't care.

My music test went okay, I think, but now I'm terribly afraid I won't be able to get The Moldau out of my head.


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