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Ryan insists that he's going the right way for the meet and greet, but Brendon keeps pulling him the other way, while Spencer just sighs.

Brendon pulls Ryan down a hall, and yanks open a door. "It's this way, I swear"

"Fine, we'll try your route, since Ryan's isn't working" Spencer just sighs even bigger.

"Betrayal, Spencer Smith, betrayal. This means war."

Jon secretly hopes that this time, Ryan's word a day calender will be a victim. Who even knows what perspicacious even means?

They pile through the door, only to be greeted by a flash of light. And...the smell of trees?

"Dude, did we find a door outside?"

"We're in Santa Fe, Jon. It isn't exactly filled with woods."

Jon looks around at the untamed wilderness surrounding them.

"Well shit."
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So I'm almost done formulating my Bob Byrar secret government soldier/psychic fic. Which is great news, cause once I've outlined it, I can start writing it. Anyone willing to beta for me?

But the bad news is (not really bad, just time consuming), is that I have a whole nother story that is pounding on my brain right now. It's the Jon Walker, Prince of Narnia epic that I've always had on the backburner.

But think about it! It's so cracky it could work! I mean, Jon's mother is from our world, and got magically transported to Narnia, where she eventually married King Pernian (or whatever), and has Jon (called Jonian). Eventually, they both get transported back to Chicago (where Jon's mother is originally from) when Jon is about 14-15, and he has to adjust. His mother pretends that she had to get away for a few years and Jon's father is from a small, rural European country (hence Jon's confusion at modern day chicago).

Jon spends a lot of time with music, getting high, and messing with photos, and hoping that some day he can go back to Narnia. Canon timeline enters, he techs for TAI, and meets Panic, and becomes their bassist.

Eventually, maybe during the cabin weeks, Panic and co. are transtported back to Narnia, where Jon discovers that 30 odd years have passed. He meets up with an old childhood friend, and finds out that is father is near death, and that his uncle (taking the fact that there is no heir), will assume the throne. Jon, of course, isn't going to let that happen, and heads off to Cair Paravel (gathering a crew of creatures along the way) to announce his return and reclaim the throne.

But can he truly prove that he's really who he says he is? And will Narnia back Jon or his uncle (who really isn't evil, but his advisors are)? Will Jon, now that he's finally adjusted to never returning to Narnia, really want to stay? And Will Aslan Ever Save The Day?
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So this was going to be an update on some of the fic that I've promised people, but then I found some new Panic photos HERE, and I became lost in Spencer Smith's hotness. Sorry.

Also, today is a dancing around my room listening to Metro Station, We the Kings, and Forever the Sickest Kids kind of day. So in other words, awesome.

Still pissed that I can't afford tickets for the Milwaukee Warped date. Being broke sucks. But I do have some new shirts, and a haircut in the works, so I'm feeling pretty good.
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I'm just wanting to archive this in something other then comments for quick reference, so please don't mind the reposting.

Untitled Bob Bryar fic summary

Okay, so it turns out that there's this psuedo-government group thats been scanning DNA for decades now, copying certain genetic codes, and creating a genetically superior group of clones (they're all based on one specific person's dna, but aren't exact matches, because of genetic manipulation), training them to be soldiers, assasins, etc.

So Bob was one of these kids, and it turns out that he was psychic, and all the psychic's are incredibly valuable, because they can find out tons of info that would be impossible normally, can force info out of minds, brainwash those that start trying to rebel, etc. And so Bob had spent 17 years of his life like this, being seen as government property that can talk back, not as a person. But he still had free will, and like most of the kids, only did what they did because it was all they had ever known, and as a psychic, he knew what happened to those that didn't obey.

But it turns out that there's this underground railroad kind of group that's made up of former members of the evil org., and they have some infiltraitors that are trying to help get the kids that want out out. And Bob is so sick of hearing people scream as he forces his way into their minds, and all he can feel is fear, anger, and power-hunger in the place, and he had to learn how to play the piano for a mission, and he misses it so much he hurts.

So Bob gets out, and heads to Chicago, where he's given a name, family, history, and taught how to blend in. But he never is able to stop hearing every noise, or pinning the person that woke him up, and he can't forget all the things that he did, so he turns to music. And working as a tech is great, because there's so many people, and they're constantly moving, there's not much paperwork trail, and with the crazies in the bands, Bob is seriously one of the least weird people there, which is a first.

And so Bob is able to distance himself from his past, even though he can't forget, but he learns to stop hurting people when he uses his mind, and even if he still canvasses every room he enters, and catalogues everything that can be a weapon, he doesn't pin people when they tap on his shoulder anymore.

And then one day, long after he joined MCR, they're on the Black Parade tour, and it's cold and icy, and they're all in the parking lot, smoking and doing other shit, when a car skids on some ice, and heads straight for Frank. But Bob is 50 feet away, there's almost no time, but just as Frank closes his eyes, he hears a crunch and feels arms around him, and Bob is shielding him, and there's this huge dent in the car from his arm, and Bob's not hurt at all.

And nobody believes their eyes, and everyone starts freaking out, because when did Bob become superman, seriously? And Bob just looks into Frank's eyes, and knows that there's no way he can cover this up.

And that? Is when the truth comes out.


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