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Lol, I'm reading wincest and J2 fic again.

I feel a triumphant return to the Supernatural fandom might just be waiting in the wings.
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Dude, Kim Manners died. What the fuck world!


Sep. 9th, 2008 08:43 pm
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Do the J's really live together? I just read the report and I have no idea what to believe anymore.

Dude, so married. It always suprises me how canon is always so much better then the stuff we can make up.
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I feel bad that I don't really talk about Supernatural anymore. But it's summer, there isn't a whole lot of new anything besides bigbang, and I've rewatched my DVDs so many times that I'm kinda sick of them. That and I just really don't feel like reading actual SPN fic. RPS has corrupted me.

However, just wait until we get filming reports, and leaks concerning episode titles and it's close to season 4 starting.

Sorry flist. I know that not everyone cares about bandom.
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Just finished and turned in my history 540 final, first final of the year, then sold back a bunch of books and got some money. Am now tired cause I haven't been able to sleep much and then pulled an all-nighter.

Need to study for other finals, clean room, look for summer job, and see if I can go see Empires in chicago on the 18th.

My friend Steve is coming up to Madison and celebrating his 21st tonight. Good thing I don't have class of friday.

Sorta don't want to watch Supernatural tonight for some reason. I think it's because I just want to know what the hell's going to happen in the finale already.

Sorry flist, but I'll catch up with you laters. It's naptime.


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