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So, last night rocked.

Seriously, the amount of fandom people at the show was amazing, and they're all awesome. Ljdar exists!

I drive down with [ profile] trinity_clare, and [ profile] olivia_circe, and there was talk of bandom things, Shakespeare, and turning male singers into girls via GarageBand.

So, the show was pretty awesome, although the sound at the Beat Kitchen kinda sucks. The first band had a Amy Winehouse-esque singer, but with less drugs.

Par Avion was a hilarious synthpop group that is tiny and awesome, and I love them for doing Daft Punk and Gwen Stefani covers.

Paper Rival was cool, a lot of audience interaction. There was a girl celebrating her birthday in the crowd, and the band borrowed her crown for their guitarist/bassist?. Not a bad band at all.

Empires rocked pretty hard, as usual, although crazy moshing dude was in the crowd again, and it was kinda annoying. At least his stage dive fell flat. There seemed to be a ton of energy in the crowd, despite the heat. The setlist was:

I want Blood
Modern Love
All Night Long
The new song
Warning Mark
Spit the Dark
Midnight Land

I finally got to talk to Al, and he mentioned how he used to go to Henry Vilas Zoo when he was younger. I told him the band should come to Madison, and I believe that he asked me to find them a venue, contact them on myspace, and they'll come. So I might actually try to find them a place? And I have no idea how to do it, or even if I should? If they should come up here, are there any Chicago people that would be willing to come up to see them? I have an awesome couch, and live right by the Van Galder bus stop.

Then, the internet went to a diner, and there was talk of bandom thing, the relative height of many people, Philly and Jersey, and a billion other things that made this an awesome night. I ended up meeting a ton of new and cool people, and I can't wait for Panic in October to see you all again.


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