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So I just sent in my resume for an activities assistant position open at a Retirement community out in Madison. So here's to keeping my fingers crossed about hearing back from them! And, you know, getting good news, not a dismissal.
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So, a rant inspired by the fact that the new kid at work is making a real bad impression.

If you're new to a job, BE ON FUCKING TIME. Write it down, put it in your planner, do something so that you remember. And if you miss the bus, fall asleep, CALL YOUR DAMN WORK and tell them that you're running late. Don't leave them hanging there. Especially if you're new. There is very little excuse for being late.

Oh, and if you're sick, make sure it matters. Don't call in sick for a freaking cold.

My image of you is down the toilet right now.
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So I'm posting this from work, since it's a slow evening in retail and I don't have internet yet.

Just moved into my new apartment, so I really haven't had time to check my flist, sorry.

And since I'm such a klutz, I tripped down a few stairs and hurt my foot. At least the new apartment is really nice and pretty large, so people can visit anytime. We (my boyfriend and myself) even have a porch.

Anyone going to the Empires show at the Beat Kitchen on the 23rd? I'd love to meet up or something.

The Olympic opening ceremony was pretty cool. One of the best in a while. And I, for one, welcome our Chinese overlords.

Still obsessed with American Idol and the JoBros. Their new cd is actually really good pop.

Entertain me? Please? I'm really freaking bored.


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