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So due to watching Brendon Urie look like a hot Amish dude in the Northern Downpour video, I now want Brendon Urie as Amish fic.

So like Brendon's seventeen, and on his Rumspringa. And he feels majorly conflicted because on one hand he wants to please his family and community by getting baptized, but on the other hand he knows he's gay and can't reconcile not being true to himself.

So he ends up meeting Jon, Ryan and Spencer and totally falls for like, all of them. And of course they love his voice when they hear him sing a hymn. So they form Panic, and start writing songs, and they have the chance of getting signed. And the get him high and drunk for the first time, and they all run around with FBR, and Brendon just loves living in the outside world. He loves not having to hide who he is. But then the reality of losing his family and all the guilt hits and he freaks. He goes back home and starts the baptism process. And he tries to put all his time in the outside world behind him, and is courting a girl and is really trying to do his best to be a good Amish. But he just can't forget.

But he's scared, since he's realized that he's not only in love with a guy, but with three of them, and he has no idea what to do. Until the last night before the baptism,, when Brendon realizes that Panic is the best thing to ever happen to him, and he just can't leave them behind. So he packs his things and heads off to Chicago to find the band.

And Panic is now signed, but they're stalling at finding a new singer, since no one can replace Brendon, and things just aren't right without him. But then there's a knock on the door of Panic's apartment building one night, and Ryan opens the door to find Brendon. It turns out that he hitchhiked all the way from fucking Indiana. So Ryan lets him in, and once Brendon opens his mouth he just can't stop talking. So he tells them everything, the guilt, his loyalty to his family, his desire to sing, he inability to forget his time with them. And the guys are thinking that this is some final farewell when the truth comes out, and they all freeze. Brendon claps his hand over his mouth, wondering how the words "and I'm in love with all of you" just ended up coming out.

And then Jon is grinning, and Spencer says "I knew it" and Ryan just kisses Brendon. And they all slide to the floor in a giant boypile, and Brendon realizes that hey, he may have just left his family, but that he's finally home.

And then they all have sex. The end.
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Ryan insists that he's going the right way for the meet and greet, but Brendon keeps pulling him the other way, while Spencer just sighs.

Brendon pulls Ryan down a hall, and yanks open a door. "It's this way, I swear"

"Fine, we'll try your route, since Ryan's isn't working" Spencer just sighs even bigger.

"Betrayal, Spencer Smith, betrayal. This means war."

Jon secretly hopes that this time, Ryan's word a day calender will be a victim. Who even knows what perspicacious even means?

They pile through the door, only to be greeted by a flash of light. And...the smell of trees?

"Dude, did we find a door outside?"

"We're in Santa Fe, Jon. It isn't exactly filled with woods."

Jon looks around at the untamed wilderness surrounding them.

"Well shit."
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It's painfully slow at work today. I actually prayed that we would get in a ton of stock so I would have something to do. We haven't even done a hundred dollars yet. I like my job, but I need one that is more fast paced and interesting. At least I'm not as depressed about things as I was yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So, flist, give me something to get lost in? Fic, pictures, anything?

I'm gonna go and plot out some of my ridiculous AU ideas. I came up with another one, based on the very bare bones of the Megaman plot. Someone in Panic is a robot, built by Dr. Light to save the world from the totalitarian dictator Wily and his army of robots. Of course, to hide him, Light programmed in a fake memory and history. Life ensues with the band, but of course, a chance meeting with Light makes him remember, creating lots of angst about his humanity (or lack thereof), and stuff. Eventually, he comes to accept his robotness and his destiny to save the world.

He leaves Panic to start fighting the robots with geurilla attacks, and for a while, suceeds. But during one attack, he is forced to fight face to face with a familiar robot. It's his brother, the first robot created by Light to destroy Wily! But he was killed! How can this be?

It's a brother vs. brother, robot vs. robot, Light vs. Dark showdown.


Sep. 10th, 2008 10:43 pm
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I thought of more additions to the American Gods bandom AU. Black parade era Gerard could be Gwyn ap Nudd, king of the Welsh underworld, king of the fair folk, and leader of the Wild Hunt (the Black Parade?). And Ray is the archangel Raphael! While Bob is the legendary hero Sigfried!

And Lyn-Z, Alicia, and Jamia are the Morrigan! And Vicky-T is Morgana Le Fay!

I have no idea for the rest of Panic, TAI, Empires, and the Cobras.

Oh! OH! JoeTroh is totally the Prophet Elijah! Or maybe one of the great kings of the old Testament.
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There should really, really be a bandom American Gods AU. I mean, Jon Walker as Dionysus, Gabe as Quezalcoatl, the winged serpent, Beckett as Orpheus? Ooooooh, Pete could be Manannán mac Lir, trickster god of the sea! Or Māui, the heroic trickster. I don't even know right now.

HELP ME FLIST! Any other mythological figures you see fitting into bandom peoples?
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So I managed to leave my phone on the bus, freaking me the hell out. But I'm 90% positive the driver has it, so I'll be able to go to the lost and found tomorrow and check to see if it's there.

So I've been busying myself with starting to write the Narnia!Jon AU in my head at work. It's gen(!), but I just can't write a pairing into this and have it work. Jon swordfights! And has a reconciliation with his uncle! And there are battling Narnian factions, each backing a different person to be king! And Jon must prove to all of Narnia that he really is the lost Prince Jonian, but how! And even the trees are divided in who they are loyal to. It's centaur vs. faun, badger vs. dwarf, lord vs. lord.
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So I'm almost done formulating my Bob Byrar secret government soldier/psychic fic. Which is great news, cause once I've outlined it, I can start writing it. Anyone willing to beta for me?

But the bad news is (not really bad, just time consuming), is that I have a whole nother story that is pounding on my brain right now. It's the Jon Walker, Prince of Narnia epic that I've always had on the backburner.

But think about it! It's so cracky it could work! I mean, Jon's mother is from our world, and got magically transported to Narnia, where she eventually married King Pernian (or whatever), and has Jon (called Jonian). Eventually, they both get transported back to Chicago (where Jon's mother is originally from) when Jon is about 14-15, and he has to adjust. His mother pretends that she had to get away for a few years and Jon's father is from a small, rural European country (hence Jon's confusion at modern day chicago).

Jon spends a lot of time with music, getting high, and messing with photos, and hoping that some day he can go back to Narnia. Canon timeline enters, he techs for TAI, and meets Panic, and becomes their bassist.

Eventually, maybe during the cabin weeks, Panic and co. are transtported back to Narnia, where Jon discovers that 30 odd years have passed. He meets up with an old childhood friend, and finds out that is father is near death, and that his uncle (taking the fact that there is no heir), will assume the throne. Jon, of course, isn't going to let that happen, and heads off to Cair Paravel (gathering a crew of creatures along the way) to announce his return and reclaim the throne.

But can he truly prove that he's really who he says he is? And will Narnia back Jon or his uncle (who really isn't evil, but his advisors are)? Will Jon, now that he's finally adjusted to never returning to Narnia, really want to stay? And Will Aslan Ever Save The Day?
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This weekend/week is going to be spent 1. FINDING A FUCKING JOB, 2. trying to scrape up a way to pay my rent by Sunday. 3. trying to get the the Empires record release party on the 4th, 4. spending as much time and money at Whole Foods as I can, and 5. WORKING ON THE 5 WIPS/FIC BUNNIES THAT I HAVE RUNNING AROUND IN MY HEAD.

Seriously, once I try to start working on the psychic-soldier!Bob fic, my American Gods Jon Walker decides to not leave me alone at all (I'm thinking of going with Dionysus for Jon. A god of music, drink and reaching/finding the divinity in oneself through ecstacy [drink, drug, music], Dionysus is a singularily unique god among the Greek pantheon because he offered the hope to humanity that they too had a spark of the divine in them and had the ability to pierce the veil of Maya and go beyond what can just be seen and measured, and as god of the vine, had a Jesus-like story of death and rebirth, providing hope for eternity to man).

And now I have a ER-surgeon!Jon and starting-his-rounds new nurse!Spencer, with grad students Ryan and Brenden, where Spence is the new nurse at Las Vegas Mercy, and his first rotation is in the ER, where he meets Jon, and all the nurses have a pool on when they're going to hook up, but Jon thinks Spencer is with Ryan, since they're always together, and Spence and Ryan share a car, but then Ryan brings Brendon in (after he comes out to his parents, and word gets around his former church, and some of his old friends decide to prove a point), and while Brendon only has some minor bruises and cuts, Ryan and Spence make him move in with them (cause Brendon was living with his parents to save money on grad school, but that's now over), and then Jon gets to hear about the Epic Love Story of Ryan and Brendon, and so he ups his flirting and being awesome, and Spencer seems to play it hot and cool, which confuses Jon, since he knows he's interested, but for some reason is hesitant to do anything about it.

the whole fic bunny behind the cut, you know you want to read it )
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I'm just wanting to archive this in something other then comments for quick reference, so please don't mind the reposting.

Untitled Bob Bryar fic summary

Okay, so it turns out that there's this psuedo-government group thats been scanning DNA for decades now, copying certain genetic codes, and creating a genetically superior group of clones (they're all based on one specific person's dna, but aren't exact matches, because of genetic manipulation), training them to be soldiers, assasins, etc.

So Bob was one of these kids, and it turns out that he was psychic, and all the psychic's are incredibly valuable, because they can find out tons of info that would be impossible normally, can force info out of minds, brainwash those that start trying to rebel, etc. And so Bob had spent 17 years of his life like this, being seen as government property that can talk back, not as a person. But he still had free will, and like most of the kids, only did what they did because it was all they had ever known, and as a psychic, he knew what happened to those that didn't obey.

But it turns out that there's this underground railroad kind of group that's made up of former members of the evil org., and they have some infiltraitors that are trying to help get the kids that want out out. And Bob is so sick of hearing people scream as he forces his way into their minds, and all he can feel is fear, anger, and power-hunger in the place, and he had to learn how to play the piano for a mission, and he misses it so much he hurts.

So Bob gets out, and heads to Chicago, where he's given a name, family, history, and taught how to blend in. But he never is able to stop hearing every noise, or pinning the person that woke him up, and he can't forget all the things that he did, so he turns to music. And working as a tech is great, because there's so many people, and they're constantly moving, there's not much paperwork trail, and with the crazies in the bands, Bob is seriously one of the least weird people there, which is a first.

And so Bob is able to distance himself from his past, even though he can't forget, but he learns to stop hurting people when he uses his mind, and even if he still canvasses every room he enters, and catalogues everything that can be a weapon, he doesn't pin people when they tap on his shoulder anymore.

And then one day, long after he joined MCR, they're on the Black Parade tour, and it's cold and icy, and they're all in the parking lot, smoking and doing other shit, when a car skids on some ice, and heads straight for Frank. But Bob is 50 feet away, there's almost no time, but just as Frank closes his eyes, he hears a crunch and feels arms around him, and Bob is shielding him, and there's this huge dent in the car from his arm, and Bob's not hurt at all.

And nobody believes their eyes, and everyone starts freaking out, because when did Bob become superman, seriously? And Bob just looks into Frank's eyes, and knows that there's no way he can cover this up.

And that? Is when the truth comes out.
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Oh god, I'm away for barely half a day and my I have like 100 new entries on my flist. I hate playing catchup, but I hate missing entries on my friends journals even more.

And [ profile] capslock_spn is taking over my life. Not that that's a bad thing.

I've gone back home to Wales for a few days of spring break. But I don't know any of the bars around here, so I need to find one for St. Patrick's Day. I know there's a couple that my old friends from high school hang out at. At least I have a car again.

I'm hoping that I can finally get working on my steampunk supernatural story. I've been writing out the alternative history for it, but they seriously shouldn't let history majors write historical stories at all. I'm such a freaking nerd.

The main things I have now is:
1. The lengthening of the American Revolution to 1796, thus speeding up weapons development, combined with the massive loss of life and destruction of much of the colonies, resulting in America losing the war and remaining part of the British Empire.

2. The formation of the Republic of Texas after the British-Spanish war in America in the 1830's, stretching from the Mississippi up to Whyoming to Arizona.

3. Due to the war in America, the relative lack of British-Ottoman tensions in the late 1700's. Thus, when Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, the British and Ottomans joined forces and defeated the French, keeping Egypt under joint British-Ottoman control, and forging a lasting alliance of former enemies.

4. In the 1830's, the combined Anglo-Turkic forces forging an alliance with Tokugawa-era Japan, allowing Japan to become a major world player without the forced Westernization of the Meiji revolution and government. All three nations then form an alliance against Russia, France, and Spain, the Ottomans regaining the Crimean Khanate and much of their Balkan strongholds, and the other nations gaining the majority control of Africa and Southeast Asia.

I'm still trying to figure out a vaguely plausible way to explain away the difficulty in harnessing electicity, and the lack of steel. Perhaps impurities in much of the world's copper that makes it unable to conduct efficiently? And maybe increasing the world's coal deposits, making coal the largest fuel resource instead of natural gas, thus creating a dependence on coal and steam for power?

But what about steel? I can't get too far into the Industrial Revolution, because steampunk is about steam.

But hey, Dean's gonna invent the Quad Shotgun. Seriously.


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