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So everyone knows that it's the Olympics. And as a former track and fielder, I still have an affinity for those in the sport. So let me introduce you to the US best hope for a medal in javelin, Breaux Greer.

Breaux Greer is an eight time US champion in javelin, twice having broken the US record and currently holding it with a length of 91.29m/299-6, nearly breaking the 300 feet mark. He just recently took the bronze in Osaka at the World's Championships in 2007, and was 2nd in the 2001 Goodwill Games and 1st in the 2004 World Athletics Final in Monaco.

Sadly, Breaux has never preformed that well at an Olypmics. In Athens, he was in first leading into the finals, but his knee, which has chronic injuries, gave out. The winner's throw was actually shorter ( then Greer's qualifying throw (87.25).

Now, after such sucess in 2007, Greer is poised to hopefully be the first American since 1972 to take a medal in javelin.

Greer is in a band called Former Track Star, lives with his two dogs, and is both funny and cute. He lists Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Slipknot, T.I., Alice In Chains, Luthor Vandross, and Jack Johnson as his music on his myspace, and currently plays Hurricane on American Gladiatiors.

And onto the pictures! )
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-wake up. massive hangover, no running water.
-drive to chicago
-parking fucking sucks
-hey, wrigley field!
-meet up with the internet/chicago, chat, drink, free glasses of ice cause I have boobs.
-am super jealous of [ profile] berserkide for the bands that she's working with on warped.
-new bands, cool. like Apteka, cute and good.
-see Asian Pete Wentz lurking
-move myself to different side of stage to take video and pics for sister, sadly ditching cool friends for a time
-Oops, Tomrad broke a string, uses red guitar.
-play about 2/3's of album, 2/3's of audience just there for Empires
-run around trying to find friends and Tom so I can meet Amy
-meet Amy and friend (v. cool people), eventually find group in boiling hot merch room
-hang around chatting with people (some friends, some strangers), listening in on convo with Ryan (who has a pretty awesome tattoo, btw), discover that the aussie half of Ellen's band looks like a young Donna Noble (dude, so awesome), discover that the band enjoys their own beds, showers, and free laundry at mom's too much to really want to tour a lot and are going to be mostly camping (BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD HOTELS, DUDE, EMPIRES, REALLY?) on the tour.
-Ryan has injured himself 4 times in the last 10 shows. Cannot believe that this guy is only 4 months older then me.
-eventual squee about Doctor who, chat with [ profile] geryandgrey and Tom about House, Sherlock Holmes, and Swing Kids. Tomrad is, in fact, still Rad.
-am sad that I'm going to miss a show
-finally leave, chicago isn't a city that plays nice
-the OHGODOHGODIMGOINGTODIE drive home through torrential rains and flooding commences and finally ends after three and a half hours

Am now pumping myself for August and the concerts then: Empires (twice!), and Into Arcadia. Check out the latter if you like Interpol/Brit-esque post punk.

Correct me if I have wrong info, it's late, I'm tired, and venues are loud. I'll check my flist later, I need a shower, water, and sleep.


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