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Okay fandom, where the hell is the American Idol AU? With Pete as Ryan Seacrest, and the rest of the Fallout Boys as the judges? Patrick is totally Paula, and Joe is Randy, and Andy as Simon.

And starring Singer, Gerard, William, Gabe, Brendon, Greta, Thomas Dutton, and the rest of the cast of Razia's Shadow, and the Alec dude from Powerspace. Oh, and Sean! There is no way this can fail!

Come on, this needs to exist like yesterday people!
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OMG, I just had the best fucking idea ever. Instead of jon walker, mob boss, I"m going to do something else instead.

TWILIGHT! Bandom style! Starring Spencer Smith as Edward, and Brendon as Bella. And Patrick as Carlisle and Pete as Esme! And Ryan Ross as Alice, and Jon as Jasper! I have no idea as who should be Rosalie and Emmett though.

Ooooh! And The Hushies as the bad guys!

Help me out with characters guys! I need a Mike Newton, Taylor, Jacob Black, Eric, Angela, and Jessica.
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SO I'm debating doing bigbang. But I'm not sure if I want to do Jon Walker, Narnian Prince, or Jon Walker mob boss. Since they are both equally awesome.

But Jon Walker mob boss has Jon and the youngest son of the only daughter of the head of a mob family! And the majority of the major brass are all gunned down is a massive assasination run by another rival family! And everything (including the positions as family head) is left to Jon is his grandfather's will! And so Jon has to leave Panic to take his place as a mob boss! But Panic follow him! And then there are adventures, and gun shootings, and jon running a racket.

And then empires as faily assassins assigned to protect Jon!

How can this fail!
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Come on! I can't be the only one that wants to see bandom at Hogwarts, right?
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So due to watching Brendon Urie look like a hot Amish dude in the Northern Downpour video, I now want Brendon Urie as Amish fic.

So like Brendon's seventeen, and on his Rumspringa. And he feels majorly conflicted because on one hand he wants to please his family and community by getting baptized, but on the other hand he knows he's gay and can't reconcile not being true to himself.

So he ends up meeting Jon, Ryan and Spencer and totally falls for like, all of them. And of course they love his voice when they hear him sing a hymn. So they form Panic, and start writing songs, and they have the chance of getting signed. And the get him high and drunk for the first time, and they all run around with FBR, and Brendon just loves living in the outside world. He loves not having to hide who he is. But then the reality of losing his family and all the guilt hits and he freaks. He goes back home and starts the baptism process. And he tries to put all his time in the outside world behind him, and is courting a girl and is really trying to do his best to be a good Amish. But he just can't forget.

But he's scared, since he's realized that he's not only in love with a guy, but with three of them, and he has no idea what to do. Until the last night before the baptism,, when Brendon realizes that Panic is the best thing to ever happen to him, and he just can't leave them behind. So he packs his things and heads off to Chicago to find the band.

And Panic is now signed, but they're stalling at finding a new singer, since no one can replace Brendon, and things just aren't right without him. But then there's a knock on the door of Panic's apartment building one night, and Ryan opens the door to find Brendon. It turns out that he hitchhiked all the way from fucking Indiana. So Ryan lets him in, and once Brendon opens his mouth he just can't stop talking. So he tells them everything, the guilt, his loyalty to his family, his desire to sing, he inability to forget his time with them. And the guys are thinking that this is some final farewell when the truth comes out, and they all freeze. Brendon claps his hand over his mouth, wondering how the words "and I'm in love with all of you" just ended up coming out.

And then Jon is grinning, and Spencer says "I knew it" and Ryan just kisses Brendon. And they all slide to the floor in a giant boypile, and Brendon realizes that hey, he may have just left his family, but that he's finally home.

And then they all have sex. The end.
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Ryan insists that he's going the right way for the meet and greet, but Brendon keeps pulling him the other way, while Spencer just sighs.

Brendon pulls Ryan down a hall, and yanks open a door. "It's this way, I swear"

"Fine, we'll try your route, since Ryan's isn't working" Spencer just sighs even bigger.

"Betrayal, Spencer Smith, betrayal. This means war."

Jon secretly hopes that this time, Ryan's word a day calender will be a victim. Who even knows what perspicacious even means?

They pile through the door, only to be greeted by a flash of light. And...the smell of trees?

"Dude, did we find a door outside?"

"We're in Santa Fe, Jon. It isn't exactly filled with woods."

Jon looks around at the untamed wilderness surrounding them.

"Well shit."
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It's painfully slow at work today. I actually prayed that we would get in a ton of stock so I would have something to do. We haven't even done a hundred dollars yet. I like my job, but I need one that is more fast paced and interesting. At least I'm not as depressed about things as I was yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So, flist, give me something to get lost in? Fic, pictures, anything?

I'm gonna go and plot out some of my ridiculous AU ideas. I came up with another one, based on the very bare bones of the Megaman plot. Someone in Panic is a robot, built by Dr. Light to save the world from the totalitarian dictator Wily and his army of robots. Of course, to hide him, Light programmed in a fake memory and history. Life ensues with the band, but of course, a chance meeting with Light makes him remember, creating lots of angst about his humanity (or lack thereof), and stuff. Eventually, he comes to accept his robotness and his destiny to save the world.

He leaves Panic to start fighting the robots with geurilla attacks, and for a while, suceeds. But during one attack, he is forced to fight face to face with a familiar robot. It's his brother, the first robot created by Light to destroy Wily! But he was killed! How can this be?

It's a brother vs. brother, robot vs. robot, Light vs. Dark showdown.


Sep. 10th, 2008 10:43 pm
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I thought of more additions to the American Gods bandom AU. Black parade era Gerard could be Gwyn ap Nudd, king of the Welsh underworld, king of the fair folk, and leader of the Wild Hunt (the Black Parade?). And Ray is the archangel Raphael! While Bob is the legendary hero Sigfried!

And Lyn-Z, Alicia, and Jamia are the Morrigan! And Vicky-T is Morgana Le Fay!

I have no idea for the rest of Panic, TAI, Empires, and the Cobras.

Oh! OH! JoeTroh is totally the Prophet Elijah! Or maybe one of the great kings of the old Testament.
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There should really, really be a bandom American Gods AU. I mean, Jon Walker as Dionysus, Gabe as Quezalcoatl, the winged serpent, Beckett as Orpheus? Ooooooh, Pete could be Manannán mac Lir, trickster god of the sea! Or Māui, the heroic trickster. I don't even know right now.

HELP ME FLIST! Any other mythological figures you see fitting into bandom peoples?
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So Narnia!Jon has a pet phoenix, Rastor. And there's an army of Calormen on the way, and Aslan isn't going to show up and save the day, folks. It's just up to Jon, Ryan, Spencer, and Brendon. The white stag will come into play.


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