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OMG, this weekend was so awesome!

First, there was Star Trek! Unf, ZQuinto get in me now please. Except now I want Spock/Uhura/Kirk action.

A couple of things threw me, since I'm a bit of a TOS purist, but since the whole thing is now a total AU from the show, I don't really mind. As long as Spock and Kirk can have lulzy, homoerotically charged adventures in space, you will have me totally on board.

And then, Motherfucking FALL OUT BOY!

OMG, the concert was so awesome. Patrick's voice still makes me cream myself, and Pete is much more attractive in person. They played almost all of the songs I wanted to here. The Cobras kicked ass too. There was confetti and fire, and Joe's new do. Sadly, I did not get to see much of Andy though. He was wearing a suit for the first part though.

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Hey guys, remember the adorableness that was Par Avion? Well, I've been dying to hear them, so does anyone have anything besides La Da Da?
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So I was remembering how awesome this summer was, and I just wanted to thank the whole Chicago and Madison crews for all of that. You guys rock so hard. Thanks for the best summer of my far.

And a link to the song that reminded me. It's Open Happiness featuring Brendon, Patrick, and Travis McCoy.


Just change the xx to tt and there you go. It's a really cute song.
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SO I'm thinking of coming down to Chicago sometime in February, to go to the Field and see the Aztec exhibit, and then hang out with the chicago crew and shit. It'll probaby be the last week in February, so maybe we could all try and get together and hang out that saturday night or something like that?

I kinda want to go to Nick Scimeca's new grilled cheese bar and check it out. Sounds yummy.
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So, who is all going to Empires on Saturday? I'm putting my ticket on hold right as we speak. And it's my birthday so if people maybe want to get together for dinner or something I'd totally be up for it.

And I'm thinking that I might stay for Forgive Durden, just because I really like Razia's Shadow, and I want to see them try and play it live, but I'm not a huge fan of Steel Train so I'd be fine with leaving early.

So just get back to me or call me or something and hopefully I'll see you all there!
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So, last night rocked.

Seriously, the amount of fandom people at the show was amazing, and they're all awesome. Ljdar exists!

I drive down with [ profile] trinity_clare, and [ profile] olivia_circe, and there was talk of bandom things, Shakespeare, and turning male singers into girls via GarageBand.

So, the show was pretty awesome, although the sound at the Beat Kitchen kinda sucks. The first band had a Amy Winehouse-esque singer, but with less drugs.

Par Avion was a hilarious synthpop group that is tiny and awesome, and I love them for doing Daft Punk and Gwen Stefani covers.

Paper Rival was cool, a lot of audience interaction. There was a girl celebrating her birthday in the crowd, and the band borrowed her crown for their guitarist/bassist?. Not a bad band at all.

Empires rocked pretty hard, as usual, although crazy moshing dude was in the crowd again, and it was kinda annoying. At least his stage dive fell flat. There seemed to be a ton of energy in the crowd, despite the heat. The setlist was:

I want Blood
Modern Love
All Night Long
The new song
Warning Mark
Spit the Dark
Midnight Land

I finally got to talk to Al, and he mentioned how he used to go to Henry Vilas Zoo when he was younger. I told him the band should come to Madison, and I believe that he asked me to find them a venue, contact them on myspace, and they'll come. So I might actually try to find them a place? And I have no idea how to do it, or even if I should? If they should come up here, are there any Chicago people that would be willing to come up to see them? I have an awesome couch, and live right by the Van Galder bus stop.

Then, the internet went to a diner, and there was talk of bandom thing, the relative height of many people, Philly and Jersey, and a billion other things that made this an awesome night. I ended up meeting a ton of new and cool people, and I can't wait for Panic in October to see you all again.
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Sorry, this is gonna be short since I'm getting ready for work and am drained. And sorry I didn't hang out with the lj poeple as much as I would have liked, it's just my friend Amy's last few days in the states and the last time I'll see her.

Angels & Kings.

Not what I expected, a little small. I did like the graffiti walls in the bathroom though.

The Show

Really, really, really amazing. There's this quality to acoustic shows that is just spine-chilling but really lovely. Sean had this cool effect on his voice which I really liked. I did feel kinda bad for Al not really playing much, but Ryan was the tank on the drums that he is. The setlist was Blood, Midnight Land, Valmont, Anywhere, Warning Mark, and Spit the Dark, which is great acoustic.

Hung out after the show with Amy, George and Wilson, just chatting until I ended up leaving. George is hilarious.

Funny story. I was outside with George and Wilson, and we were just smoking, when we discovered that the Q101 electric car wasnot working. Someone was adking around for jumper cables, which I carry in my car, so I ended up giving the Q101 car a jumpstart and got it working. And then as I was parking after that, Max and some other tech guys scared the crap out of me by screaming as I got a little close to them. Oh boys.
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So I just killed this fucking massive spider that was in my room, but I accidentaly brought down the blinds with it. Hopefully, I can get it repaired before I leave and not lose my security deposit. I need some white paint too, now that I think about it.

Also, who is going to the Empires show at AK45 tomorrow? I'd love to meet up with some of you all, although I have no idea about parking. Any ideas?
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-wake up. massive hangover, no running water.
-drive to chicago
-parking fucking sucks
-hey, wrigley field!
-meet up with the internet/chicago, chat, drink, free glasses of ice cause I have boobs.
-am super jealous of [ profile] berserkide for the bands that she's working with on warped.
-new bands, cool. like Apteka, cute and good.
-see Asian Pete Wentz lurking
-move myself to different side of stage to take video and pics for sister, sadly ditching cool friends for a time
-Oops, Tomrad broke a string, uses red guitar.
-play about 2/3's of album, 2/3's of audience just there for Empires
-run around trying to find friends and Tom so I can meet Amy
-meet Amy and friend (v. cool people), eventually find group in boiling hot merch room
-hang around chatting with people (some friends, some strangers), listening in on convo with Ryan (who has a pretty awesome tattoo, btw), discover that the aussie half of Ellen's band looks like a young Donna Noble (dude, so awesome), discover that the band enjoys their own beds, showers, and free laundry at mom's too much to really want to tour a lot and are going to be mostly camping (BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD HOTELS, DUDE, EMPIRES, REALLY?) on the tour.
-Ryan has injured himself 4 times in the last 10 shows. Cannot believe that this guy is only 4 months older then me.
-eventual squee about Doctor who, chat with [ profile] geryandgrey and Tom about House, Sherlock Holmes, and Swing Kids. Tomrad is, in fact, still Rad.
-am sad that I'm going to miss a show
-finally leave, chicago isn't a city that plays nice
-the OHGODOHGODIMGOINGTODIE drive home through torrential rains and flooding commences and finally ends after three and a half hours

Am now pumping myself for August and the concerts then: Empires (twice!), and Into Arcadia. Check out the latter if you like Interpol/Brit-esque post punk.

Correct me if I have wrong info, it's late, I'm tired, and venues are loud. I'll check my flist later, I need a shower, water, and sleep.


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