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We just got the linework done today, there just wasn't enough time for color. That and it hurt like a bitch. But this tattoo is going to look so kickass when it is done.

Sorry for my blindingly pasty cullen white flesh.

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So I'm seriously debating getting "Interpol" tattooed on my body somewhere. Most likely my inner elbow area. Is that just stunningly narcisstic, or what? I mean, I already have two band tattoos, so it's not as if getting one for the band is a big deal, it's also just my internet handle and it means a lot to me.

I don't even know. I'll probably do it, just cause I want to. And that's a good enough reason for tattoos for me.
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SO I got into a car accident monday and totaled my car. I was going home to pick it up so I would have a car for work and ont eh expressway back, I skidded on snow and slid off into the center and rammed the median. Luckily for me, the median was there, because I would have either gone intot he other lane and gotten hit, or just flipped over.

But I'm alright, but my trusty taurus is now gone. The lights and front were all broken, along with the radiator and the suspension.

So alas, I am carless, again.

But Fall Out Boy is coming to milwaukee and that just made my day!
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I just made a monumentally stupid decision. But I'm sticking to it. Even though it might kill me this time. Like literally.
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So apparently one of my medications has hella bad withdrawal side effects. I discovered this fun fact because I missed one dose and then had one sleepless night consisting of headache, fever, cold sweats, and uncontrollable shaking. Coupled with me being nauseus, and there being a gigantic snowstorm going on, means that my boss gave me off work today.

So good ends do come to bad times, apparently.
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So I just sent in my resume for an activities assistant position open at a Retirement community out in Madison. So here's to keeping my fingers crossed about hearing back from them! And, you know, getting good news, not a dismissal.
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My family = massive amounts of drama. I don't know how to make my sister happy without moving her here, and I can't make her understand that despite a fight with our parents, they still love her and are there for her.

Gosh, I hate it so much that she's in Philidelphia and so unhappy. I just wish that I could help her out more, but I'm doing all I can do.

I'm seriously scared, you guys. She sounds like I did before I ended up in the hospital, and we don't need another crazy, bipolar, suicidal person in this family (although, kinda too late for that).

I wish to God that I could do more for her.
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I forgot to mention that I recently cut my hair ridiculously short. It's sorta like a modified Chelsea, although less skinhead-ish, but short in back and down to my chin in front.

Work is pretty nice right now, since my manager doesn't care what I do during downtime, so I can internet my little heart out. If anyone is ever in Madison come visit me at Hilldale Mall.

Also, it's hippie christmas right now on the streets of Madison. A huge percent of the population is homeless for tonight, since most leases ended on the 14th at midnight, and don't start till the 16th. I lucked out, since my lease started on the 1st in my awesome new apartment.

Also, if you like We The Kings and Forever The Sickest Kids, go check out the band The Maine. They're pretty good and damn catchy.
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So I just killed this fucking massive spider that was in my room, but I accidentaly brought down the blinds with it. Hopefully, I can get it repaired before I leave and not lose my security deposit. I need some white paint too, now that I think about it.

Also, who is going to the Empires show at AK45 tomorrow? I'd love to meet up with some of you all, although I have no idea about parking. Any ideas?
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So I did something ysterday that I haven't done in years, which is not wear makeup. It's a big thing for me since I always had low self-esteem about my skin, even after it cleared up, adn I always felt too embarassed to not ear makeup.

But it's too freaking hot, and I really don't care anymore. And I don't even need to wear it anyore.

One small step for Gail, one giant leap for my self-worth.

Also, congrats to Gerard Way for winning an Eisner award for the Umbrella Academy. I'm dying for the movie.
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Most people I know would hesitate to call me an angry person, and normally this would be true. I am one of those wholesome, midwestern people that still call others ma'am and sir, won't swear in front of my family, and holds the door open for just about everyone.

However, there is one thing that gets me mind-blowingly angry, and that is the misdiagnos and treatment of mental illness, specifically those on the bipolar spectrum.

Does that make me crazy? Probably. )

This is my mission, this is what makes me feel, this is what makes my life more the just living. My name is Gail Eichenberger, and I want to save your life.
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Seriously, how do I manage to crash Opera?

My work schedule is all still up in the air, but at least I got off for Warped and the family stuff I have going on. Empires shows right now are still up in the air, since I probably won't get off work until 5, and for the 7th, the show starts an hour later then that.

Work itself isn't bad, just has loooooong stretches of doing nothing, which are the worst. There is only so much to do in a small store in a mall.


In a less capslocky vein, online returns suck hard. I got three shirts and a scarf from an online retailer since there are no stores in my general vicinity. I decided that I wanted to exchange one shirt for another of equal price, and exchange another for a different size. However, my return info is only for one shirt, not two, and the fucking number they gave me to call and cancel an incorrect return is WRONG. So I emalied them again and explained the situation, gave them my info again, and asked that they cancel the previous return, so hopefully things will work out. Keyword here is hope.
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I HAVE A JOB! FINALLY! I start Monday, and it's at a travel and leather good store in a mall. I just hope that I can make enough. Bust something is sure a hell of a lot better then nothing.

This weekend is turning out awesome.
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I HATE waiting for callbacks on jobs. It always makes me think I blew the interview. Wait, nevermind, I didn't get one of the jobs, so I probably won't get the other one either.

God, I've applied to at least 20 different places, and haven't gotten anything. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, especially since all the jobs are in areas where I have had expertise.

I can't even pay all my rent right now. I'm so fucked.


Jul. 9th, 2008 12:39 pm
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I'm heading to the bank to change my bajillion pennies, nickels, and dimes into quarters for the tolls down to illinios. The bag of change is kinda heavy.

Am finally caught up on TAITV. Took forever.

Had the neatest thing happen to me yesterday. I was at Macy's, wandering the makeup counters, when I ended up chatting with the two employees at the Benefit counter. I ended up getting some advice on products, and while talking, my search for a more interesting job came up. The girl suggested that I work at a makeup counter, since you get a huge discount on product, but then mentioned that she was the sales coordinator for the state, and that she wished that they were hiring, because then she'd hire me. But she did take me down as a freelancer and offered to hire me out for special events and stuff where they need more temporary employees. Sucks that I'm not living in Chicago, cause I was offered a job down there, but the commute isn't worth it.

My mom, my cousin, and my aunt and I are all going to see Wicked in Chicago in three or so weeks. I'm pretty interested, since I'm a musical dork.

I'm thinking of making a soundtrack of my summer, I'm just not sure what to put on it. Probably a lot of power pop, since that's what I've been listening to for the last month.
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SERIOUSLY, I am not really one to bitch about people not cutting posts, but if yours takes up almost half my flist page, then CUT THE DAMN THING!

Sorry I've been gone and crap, there was family stuff with my Dad, and then a wedding reception to go to with my SO.

And I now am officially going to apply to MATC for the paralegal program, and I'll probably be starting in a year or so, giving me time to work and jot down to Chicago to see bands and generally goof off. Although I don't actually have a job yet, which is ridiculous, since I've done a freaking fuckton of applications and callbacks. This will make paying my rent very interesting. At least my place is understanding.

Also, was there someone on my flist that was a fan of Matt Costa? Because apparently my SO's mom is going to get me in touch with his promoter, since he's a cousin of her really good friend.

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Okay, drunk. Alone. Does this make me an alcoholic? Also, [ profile] dana_shulps where are you? I want to spam you with my Jon/Spencer trauma surgeon AU!

Jezus, I have waaaay too many fic ideas running around in my head right now. Also, I cannot spell to save my life.


I LOVE EVERYONE ON MY FLIST, EVEN THOSE THAT I DON'T TALK TO MUCH ANYMORE. [ profile] azrielen, [ profile] hergerbabe, [ profile] bynx89, [ profile] faded_memories, [ profile] annella, [ profile] fictionalfemme, [ profile] poezel, [ profile] hermaphrodite, [ profile] hookernails, [ profile] illgiveupinyou (OR ALLIE, AS I LIKE TO CALL YOU. WE SHOULD GET TOGETHER. I ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU WERE TOO COOL FOR ME IN HIGH SCHOOL), [ profile] pez_gurl, [ profile] strangelyshaded, [ profile] coricomile, JESUS, MY WHOLE FUCKING FLIST OF AWESOME PEOPLE, CAUSE I HAVE BEEN SHIT AT BEING ACTIVE LATELY. I'M AMAZED THAT YA'LL HAVEN'T DEFRIENDED ME YET. I KNOW I'M NOT A BNF IN ANYTHING, BUT I FEEL SO HONORED TO HAVE EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON MY FLIST AS FRIENDS. OH MY GOD, YOU ALL ROCK SO HARD.

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Just finished and turned in my history 540 final, first final of the year, then sold back a bunch of books and got some money. Am now tired cause I haven't been able to sleep much and then pulled an all-nighter.

Need to study for other finals, clean room, look for summer job, and see if I can go see Empires in chicago on the 18th.

My friend Steve is coming up to Madison and celebrating his 21st tonight. Good thing I don't have class of friday.

Sorta don't want to watch Supernatural tonight for some reason. I think it's because I just want to know what the hell's going to happen in the finale already.

Sorry flist, but I'll catch up with you laters. It's naptime.
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So my new meds have some interesting side effects, like mostly making me manic as all hell. I've been getting worse over the last few years, but I can barely concentrate on anything, I'm doing like 5 things at once, I can't shut my brain up, I can't sit still, and I have that freaking elated emotions despite the fact that I need to sit down and WORK ON MY FREAKING FINAL.

Man, this is why you don't give antidepressants to a bipolar person. But hey, at least I'm not depressed anymore. Hopefully going up on my other stuff in a week will help balance things out.

And my Bob story is becoming kinda cracky. It's sorta Dark Angel influenced, with super enhanced clones made by shadowy quasi-governmental groups, and genetic bullshitting, and Bob being totally awesomely psychic and genetically enhanced, and I'm still working on the whole plot, cause I'm not sure how I want this to all work out, except for a happy ending. I can't write angst for shit, and I'm too much of a softie to do too much bad stuff to the guys.

Oh, and I now really, really want to write a PATD and American Gods crossover, where Jon Walker is some kind of mythological creature/god, which would explain his awesomeness. So now I need to go through my bajillion mythology books and find someone that will work. They need to be related to the road/travel, music, mischief, and taking things as they come. I'm vaguely thinking something around the lines of Dionysus, although I'm not really sure who I want at this point. I'm really inspired by [ profile] lyra_wing's story "Dust in the Wind" though.
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God, just two more weeks until the semester ends. And I still need to get a job for the summer.

But there's a 98% chance that I'm taking next year off from school. I just need a lot of time to get into new habits. These last few months haven't been easy for me.

It's just that I'm bipolar. I have these incorrect chemical balances in my head, and I have to deal with rapid cycling mixed states, with major depression and hypomanias that are getting worse. Over the last four years, my temperment, paranoia, aggressiveness, need for sleep, and ability to concentrate have gone down a great deal. To the point where I sometimes don't even recognize myself anymore. Which is terrifying. I don't know how to handle me becoming a person that probably needs anger management. And my anxiety about everything is becoming worse, to the point where I'm changing my lifestyle and habits to avoid stressful situations (ie: becoming a hermit), and where I can barely go a week without having a mini-breakdown.

So I just need time to find the right doctors, the right combination of meds, learn that I can talk to people about this shit without feeling weak and guilty, reevaluate my life and the direction it's heading down, and time to be a fucking 21 year old and just have some fun.


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