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It's Friday the 13th guys. Are you superstitious?
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So, this is part of my Epic Chicago Adventure, you guys.

Drove down, got to the club around 9:30 or so, and hung around watching Fight Club, feeling like a dork for having come alone. Eventually, a group of people come in and meet up with some other people, and I keep looking at them cause one person looks really familiar. Eventually, I go up and ask, and it turns out it's [ profile] berserkide! So I end up meeting the internet, which was freaking awesome (and yes, I friended everyone that gave me their ljs).

The show finally started, with Empires being the only band playing. I was actually kind of suprised that there weren't as many people at the club, but that was probably because it was Tuesday and the club was 21+.

The setlist:
-Modern love
-All Night Long
-Warning Mark
-Under the Bright Lights
-Midnight Land

I was actually pretty excited that they didn't play all the same songs as they did on Wednesday. And while I got a great listen to Max and Al, it was kind of hard to hear Sean. Or anyone else trying to talk.

After we all hung out and chatted with Sean and then Ryan. Sean actually remembered me, but still l thought my name was Lynn for some reason. And he asked about you, Natalie. He missed you at the show. I missed the rest of the convo though.

Ryan is super nice, and we all chatted about him being "short", met his friend Matt, and joked about how him falling off the drum kit is on youtube, which is highly amusing. And if I remember correctly, he also said that yes, the band knows about the blogs, which is terrifying, seriously.

So I eventually wandered over to Tom to say hi for Natalie, and he introduced me to George, the guy who is actually doing the hosting for the album and is helping track it. He was the guy in the green threadless shirt with the curly hair, so go thank him next time you see the guy. Tom actually did remember my name, and asked me if I got home okay last week, and Tom told George about how Nat and I met in line and me driving her back and all that. That somehow led into Tom telling us this cool story about how this women sent the band an email last week about how she's a single mom, and was down on her luck, and had met all these people on the internet/lj, who when they found out, sent money and helped her out. So it turns out that she's a fan of the band and is a big believer in the idea of "paying it forward", and sent them like 300 dollars worth of groceries. Which according to Tom is amazing, since he has never had a full pantry ever (my god, someone feed this band, PLEASE!). Tom Conrad, seriously, I have never had a band really inspire me to do good for people because I can like you guys do.

And then the best part of the night happened. Tom asked me about clubs in Madison that the band could play at (he knew of the union since he and 504plan, i believe, played it years ago). I mentioned the Annex and High Noon Saloon, and he mentioned that they're looking to maybe tour come August, since they're now pretty established in Chicago. Which rates a "HOLY FREAKING SHIT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME" if it actually happened. I would so take off work and become a roadie for a week.

Went back and hung with the internet until last call, which then we went outside, ended up chatting up Max, smoked, and generally were entertaining and vaguely drunk (at least some of us). There was some comparing of schools and putting down the Red Sox, and I got the shit for having the Wisconsin accent, and Max being really adorable with his fluffy hair, and deciding that the reason Ryan always comes and talks to the girls is that he's single, and then watching Ryan get carried off for some reason, and finding out that Max is a huge ER fan, and people talking about Chicago things.

And then we all went home a little before 2. And it was awesome.



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