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It's painfully slow at work today. I actually prayed that we would get in a ton of stock so I would have something to do. We haven't even done a hundred dollars yet. I like my job, but I need one that is more fast paced and interesting. At least I'm not as depressed about things as I was yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So, flist, give me something to get lost in? Fic, pictures, anything?

I'm gonna go and plot out some of my ridiculous AU ideas. I came up with another one, based on the very bare bones of the Megaman plot. Someone in Panic is a robot, built by Dr. Light to save the world from the totalitarian dictator Wily and his army of robots. Of course, to hide him, Light programmed in a fake memory and history. Life ensues with the band, but of course, a chance meeting with Light makes him remember, creating lots of angst about his humanity (or lack thereof), and stuff. Eventually, he comes to accept his robotness and his destiny to save the world.

He leaves Panic to start fighting the robots with geurilla attacks, and for a while, suceeds. But during one attack, he is forced to fight face to face with a familiar robot. It's his brother, the first robot created by Light to destroy Wily! But he was killed! How can this be?

It's a brother vs. brother, robot vs. robot, Light vs. Dark showdown.
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ITT: Please give me links to some of your favorite band interviews. Or links to your favorite lj communities. I'm utterly bored and too caffinated to head to bed yet, and I need something funny to get me through work tomorrow.

Please flist, I'm relying on you to save me! Help a girl out!


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